Yoga and the Zodiac Workshop

Sunday 6 March 2016, 2pm-4pmFlorence-10-11-15-520
Yoga and The Zodiac –Insight into the psychology of the Planetary System and how Cyclic Law may exponentially advance or conversely frustrate Individual Development of the Yogi.
A study of planetary significances and how to understand and apply in Meditation and practical work.


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Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre, 50 Market Street, Melbourne, 3000

The Zodiac is embodied in a system of symbols which enable us to understand the behaviour of forces within a closed field – our own body, our environment, the world, the cosmos.

The ability to interpret these symbols properly requires us to go back to a study of the significances offered by the people who first used the symbols and who understood their meaning.zodiac-EH

In their day, the fields of philosophy and physical science were not separate as they are today. They were considered as aspects of the total truth and viewed as a ‘linked’ study. Thus the best alchemists of the 17th Century were not deluded quacks who used astrological terms in the loose uninformed manner of modern-day newspaper predictionists. To the alchemists, the 7 planets, the transmutation of metals, were precise functions and processes of a universal system.

7 planetsThis workshop is to offer the attendees a working interpretation of the 7 planetary spirits(as they were called in their day), and how to interpret and apply them in life and in meditation.

Saturn is a contractive force which makes being, Jupiter is expansive which loosens and aims for freedom, the Moon is phasic like the forces in the lower mind of the average person, and so on.

To understand these, and the other forces, we begin to understand ourselves and to take control of the forces of our being in meditation and in life. Our mind becomes clearer and settles with its content. Our individual spirit is released into samadhic contemplation with its Source. Our body comes into a greater harmonic relation with its environment, with itself and with others.

Yoga is the method and practice leading to the conscious union of the individual human being with the ultimate Source and origin of being.

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