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Workshops – Understanding Yoga and The Yogi

Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre >> offers the more dedicated student an ongoing meditation and study program and regular workshops to introduce these studies. Spiritual insights unfold on an accurate rationale. The writers of the original teachings understand this rationale, and it is to these writers and yogis which we refer in our meditations and studies.  Some of the deeper teachings and references are found here on our Blog. But it is suggested that the Workshops are a useful beginning if you would like personal guidance, and the ability to ask questions relevant to your individual direction.

Each Workshop introduces an accent on the following month of daily Practices and Meditations in our studio. The workshop gives an insight into the topic and the practical application of its technique in individual development, in the world.

Yoga is no mere exercise routine for just keeping fit and relaxing. Yoga has a development procedure starting with physical disciplines, passing through mental and psychological disciplines, opening to individual talent development, Self-understanding and Spiritual Insight. Through Samadhic Contemplation, the Reflexive Self-consciousness we seek, all truly valuable possibilites arise.

Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre offers teachings in every phase of Yogic development.

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Fees: Workshops are $30 to studio Members | $60 non-Members |
(Workshop notes are issued to all participants, and there is an option to purchase more advanced practice Booklets)


Understanding Yoga and The Yogi – 2016 – Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre

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Sunday 24 January 2016, 2pm-4pm

Identifying with Universal Purpose and Expanding Insight – The Universe and The Individual – What is the Relationship between the true Yogi and The Universal Being? What is the ongoing Aim of this Relationship, and what are the procedures for Implementation and Development of the Universe/Individual relationship?


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Sunday 7 February 2016, 2pm-4pm

Yoga and Ancestral Body Influence – What influence does Inheritance have upon the Yogi, or any individual? What is the difference between reincarnation and ancestral influence? How does Ancestral Influence affect the process of Yoga and the true Yogis development? How does Reflexive Self-consciousness short-circuit Ancestral Influence?


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Sunday 6 March 2016, 2pm-4pm

Yoga and The Zodiac – Insight into the psychology of the Planetary System and how Cyclic Law may exponentially advance or conversely frustrate Individual Development of the Yogi. A study of planetary significances and how to understand and apply in Meditation and practical work.


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Sunday 3 April 2016, 2pm-4pm

Accident, The Absolute and Yoga – Is there such a thing as ‘Accident’? The Absolute as Impersonal or Personal. What is the difference between blind forces as proposed in much of modern scientific thinking, and purposive forces willing to work to develop an ultimate aim? What is the difference between accident and purpose? What has all this to do with true Yoga?


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Sunday 1 May 2016, 2pm-4pm

If Reincarnation be true, what follows?Historically throughout the World in Spiritual Traditions, Reincarnation of the Soul has been vowed and disavowed in differing periods and in different epochs. If reincarnation is adopted as a teaching, what does this mean for a developing individual? What is the difference between Responsibility and Response-ability, and what has this to do with true Yoga?

What God Cannot Do

GOD JEHOVAH by Eugene Halliday

God cannot cease to be God. Omnipotence cannot cease to be omnipotence.

Thus for God there is no escape from His own Self.

This being so, whatever God’s qualities are essentially, he cannot escape. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. Thus these qualities He cannot escape.

There is, therefore, for God a problem. Shall He use or not use His qualities? Shall He use or not use His omnipotence and omniscience in His omnipresence?

God is omnipresent. Therefore there is nowhere where He is not. Therefore He cannot go anywhere, for He is there already.

Of what use, then, is His omniscience and omnipotence? His omniscience tells Him what He can do. And his omnipotence enables Him to do it. The three are co-extensive.

Before using His omnipotence, God in his omniscience sees all that He may do, as a non-actualised formal possibility extended throughout His omnipresence.

His All-presence He cannot avoid. His All-seeing He cannot stop. Only in His All-power can He introduce change.

Before His All-power introduces change, Time is not brought into Being, for Time is a product of change. Thus before change, God dwells in Himself in the changeless. This we call Eternity, or more accurately, He-trinity.

How does God introduce change into Himself, into His essential changelessness? He cannot go anywhere for He is already everywhere. He cannot learn anything new, for He knows all that He may do already in His All-seeingness.

One thing He can do. By His All-power He can introduce stress-accent into His All-seeing. He can make some of the forms in His understanding stronger or weaker. Thus by stress-accent from his All-power He can actualise His omniscience.

This, then, is the problem He sets Himself: shall He stress the forms of his omniscience or not? If He does not, then all are equal before Him, all stand void of importance within Him. For importance is only stress of the will.

God may stress the forms of His omniscience either simultaneously or in series, either wholly or in part. Whichever He does presents Him, by the fact of stress, with the actualising of some or all of His possibilities. This stressing of forms of His omniscience we call creating.

By Eugene Halliday