Yoga and Ancestral Influence – Workshop

Sunday 7 February 2016, 2pm-4pm

Yoga and Ancestral Body Influence – What influence does Inheritance have upon the Yogi, or any individual? What is the difference between reincarnation and ancestral influence? How does Ancestral Influence affect the process of Yoga and the true Yogis development? How does Reflexive Self-consciousness short-circuit Ancestral Influence?

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Study Excerpts from the Teachings of Eugene Halliday
Eugene Halliday 1911-1987
Eugene Halliday 1911-1987

“The important thing to realise is, the protoplasm of our body, the one we have now, is not new. If we are twenty-one, it isn’t just twenty-one years old. It’s exactly as old as the human race. There is no human protoplasm that is not as old as the human race. Consequently nobody comes into this world unconditioned.”

“the thing that determines what we will dream is the character of the stimulus hitting the whole complex”

“That intelligence is the Infinite Absolute Intelligence that created the universe. And yet that same intelligence appears in the worm and in the donkey and in man, and differs in them not on account of itself as intelligence, but on account of the peculiar pattern of their bodies. Their bodies respond differently because they have different levels of organisation.

There is no evolution whatever of Consciousness.

The evolution is of Form. A sensitive organism responds to intelligence better than an insensitive one. The congenital idiot is just as intelligent behind his deficient body as a genius is with his efficient body. We must never think that one being is more intelligent than another, but only that the vehicles of these beings differ so much that they filter this intelligence in different ways, in different degrees.”

“In the Indian myth, it says, 

“God was alone, and suddenly He realised He was alone and He got fed up. And then He became ‘afraid’ of remaining alone, so He fashioned for Himself an object. And this object of course, as God is a man, had to be a woman, because man means ‘evaluator’, you see. So He made a woman, and He then got hold of this woman and started to procreate. And she said “You mustn’t do that, because I am only You”, and ran away. And He then pursued her, and she changed herself into a tigress. So of course He had to change into a tiger to catch her. And she then ran away again and changed into a deer and He changed into a stag and He caught her again. And from this, all the forms of the universe in this lovely myth, are derived.”

“And this myth is basically true. The Absolute intelligence has produced a supreme object for itself. And without that object it has literally nothing whatever to play with.

“In the Indian system, the universe, the one-turn, uni-verse, is a great big ball for God to play with. And this playing about with this ball is called Li-La. Li-la means ‘sport’. “

Law of Being

“So we have, not in past Time, but Now, directly through the nuclear centre of our own cells, access, if we want to take it, to God, that is, the Free Spirit. We don’t need to go back in Time.”

“For every part of our cells where we feel a resistance to a truth given to us, we can say immediately there is a pain hiding inside some cells. They don’t like it and they are not going to accept this truth and let it into themselves, and therefore they’re not letting it through to some other cells which may need it.”

“A little bit of meditation and reflection will teach us all that we have such resistances in parts of our being. But if we allow those resistances to continue to exist, we cannot regain our original unity and we cannot function efficiently.

“So the method of regaining our prior unity is to remove these resistances.

“Now we can’t remove them other than by deliberate conscious facing of the very thing that doesn’t want to be faced consciously.”

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