October Workshop – Eternity.. bounded in a nutshell

Sunday 5 October, 2pm-4pm

The Quintessential – Eternity – the pure and essential – ref to Shakespeare’s Hamlet “bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space”, and “Shakespeare King Educator” by Eugene Halliday and David Mahlowe


To truly understand Shakespeare requires knowing not only the plot of the play, but the subplot, the metaphysical background from which his ideas arise.

The same applies to the discipline of Yoga. Without the subplot, Yoga is a mere shell, a modern exercise routine largely meaningless. The background of all Yoga(regardless of the leg pulling of its gurus, so-called teachers, and pundits) is the relationship between the bounded soul(sole.. hehe) of man and eternal spirit, the purusha(pure consciousness) of Infinity unbound. “All that I live by is with The ALL..” (Awl)

Here in Melbourne it is still possible to find businesses which advertise the Mending of bad Souls…

.. and if you would like to know more about the joke, come along to the workshop on October 5 – Book Now >>