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The final workshop in the current  six-week series is on this Wednesday evening 16 Oct, 5:30pm to 7.00pm at the studio

  – RSC -”Returning back from the chaos”  

The first fundamental teaching in yoga is that one is to have a teacher, someone who shows and demonstrates the technique of yoga.

Yoga is not a theory. Yoga is a practice.

The term “Yoga” is used in many different ways by many people who perform various kinds of exercise. Declaring themselves to be Yoga practitioners they go through many activities, yet seldom presenting a rationale or philosophical basis for their procedures.

The word ‘Yoga’ has practically the same meaning as the English word ‘yoke’. To yoke is to join one thing to another. What is it that is being joined in Yoga? and to what?

The short answer to this is that Yoga is the joining together of the finite with the infinite; that is, the joining together of the individual consciousness of man with the absolute consciousness of his source.Resec

The source of all created beings is the infinite power, with infinite properties, which in a word we may call philosophically the ‘Absolute’. Thus, when we see or hear the word ‘Yoga’, we are not to think it refers merely to some strange Indian or oriental activity quite alien to the occidental mind. The occident has produced many great minds deeply practised in the procedures which in India and the east would be categorised as proper to Yoga.

The second fundamental teaching in yoga, is that one is to have an aim. For without an aim, even if we attain our goal, we would not know that we have attained. The end result of all yoga regardless of style, type, technique, teaching source, is to attain Reflexive Self-consciousness

This Wednesday workshop will be about How to attain Reflexive Self-consciousness, in practice   – RSC – ”Returning back from the chaos” . Book Now >>


A brief outline of the initial stages of Yoga we are able to summarise as follows:

  1. Yoga requires a teacher.
  2. Yoga is the joining together of the finite with the infinite; that is, the joining together of the individual consciousness of man with the absolute consciousness of his source.
  3. The true direction of Yoga is inwards.
  4. Yoga aims to remove limitations, to take away the barriers which keep the soul of man from gaining consciousness of his infinite origin.
  5. Every physical body is limited. Every man identified with his physical body is limited by this identification.
  6. Patanjali in his Yoga classic defines Yoga as “the suppression of mental modifications”. The modifications of the mind are impedances to a much higher kind of activity. The modifications are of no use whatever for the purpose of Yoga.
  7. The removal of impedances or limitations from the mind naturally results in an increase of capacity to deal with events, an increase of power.
  8. The pursuit of power for individual egoic reasons is ultimately doomed to defeat.
  9. With Yoga practice, aiming for ‘real Self’ identification and abandoning ‘ego’ identification, one rises to higher and higher levels of consciousness, of feeling awareness, of volitional power and performance.
  10. Yoga is the way of progressive breaking of the tyranny of identification with the manifest forms of universal evolution. Upon breaking this tyranny, individual consciousness is able to return to its absolute source. This return is called Reflexive Self-consciousness, consciousness returning to the Self of all selves.This is the traditional aim of all Yoga.


YogaCourseCatherine is currently running the “progressive” Monday night Beginners Yoga Course.

You can join at any time, and complete your 5 weeks. Details here >> 

Monday evenings 5:30-6:30pm with Catherine Bovis

This Yoga Course comprises of 5 x 1-hour classes over 5 weeks and restarts at the end of each Course cycle.

The Course is designed to teach the beginner practitioner theory and practice simultaneously. The 1-hour Course-class aims to initiate, improve, and develop the individual’s posture technique.

The studio is fully equipped – just bring comfortable clothing and an attitude ready to develop or improve your practice of yoga posture. 
This is primarily a Beginner’s Yoga Course, however intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners are encouraged to attend to maintain correct style and to advance their technique further.

 Extra Evening practise in Catherine’s classes – see Timetable here >>



RSC  Some people might be wondering what RSC is. In our context, it means Reflexive Self-Consciousness. But it is also short for “Royal Shakespeare Company”.

Shakespeare by Eugene Halliday
Shakespeare by Eugene Halliday

Running NOW, Student Theatre, Melbourne University, a production of Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest. Tickets $25(a gift) – go online and book it here >>  

If you would like to know something about the metaphysic behind Shakespeare’s plays, and The Man himself, there are 2 downloads on our Melbourne Yoga blog site audio page >>. These talks will remain up for a short time. The first one is “Shakespeare The Man” 35Mb mp3, and the 2nd one “Shakespeare The Tempest” 37Mb mp3. They each give a deep introduction to Shakespeare, the symbols and ideas behind him and his writings, and require for most people ‘many listenings’. But for a Shakespeare enthusiast, they are priceless. My late friend and tutor David Mahlowe is the narrator.



FREE MeditationSome of you live in the CBD, are students at RMIT and Melbourne University, visit the CBD to work each day,

and would enjoy the FREE MEDITATION CLASSES I am conducting, 3 PM to 4 PM Thursdays each week.

We have 2 more weeks to go before the end of the trial.

Do come along to the Meeting Room

Bldg 8, Lvl 3, Rm 18

(just opposite the RMIT GYM)

IT’S FREE to all who attend…!


Lama Marut is back in Melbourne Next weekend at Breathing Space in Prahran  – details here >>



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