Meditation Shopping List of NOTS


Remember that meditation is the organising of thoughts in the mind so that they come to balance and quiet, at which time you(consciousness) pass into the samadhic contemplation(which is silent). It’s has to be an active positive conscious process.

Be aware that many so-called teachers just offer a range of ‘distractions for the mind’ :-

  1. deep relaxation of the body,
  2. visualisations which produce emotional fantasy,
  3. abstract concentration by use of mantra and chanting,
  4. distractions for the mind in the way of techniques to trick the mind into an alternative form of serial thinking.
  5. suppression techniques to throw a pretentious(held before) hypnotic blanket over agitated mental content.
  6. simple breathing techniques which may relax the nervous system or induce negative hypostasis – substantial numbness at first and then psychic(feeling) anaesthesia (Positive hypostasis is something else)
  7. scanning techniques of the body which induce looping of consciousness around a common centre, confining consciousness to the substance of the physical body and inducing conscious ‘stupidity'(a technical term not a derogation)
  8. various states of sleep and part-sleep/drowsiness

These 8 above are a few, but the list goes on and on

Very few offer an approach to understanding the hierarchy of consciousness, mind being one aspect of it, and how to integrate the mind’s content. The great religious traditions have produced true techniques through dedicated and sincere teachers. Trying to cut these teachings down into modern trickery and shortened solutions for stress, and mental/psychic manipulation is rife in our current period. So just beware and carry the shopping list above for the things you DO NOT need.

To assess this shopping list and move on to real Meditation, come to the workshop on 31 May, 2-4pm

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