Marriage up a gum tree

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“Every person who has ever got married to an external being, is up a gum tree.”

Eugene Halliday 1911-1987
Eugene Halliday 1911-1987


… You must discover in yourself your most treasured concept and then dare to expose it. It might need practice. You might have to do it in the privacy of your bedchamber first and actually just write down your favourite concept. Then start to analyse it with rigid logic. …


You have a pet idea. Let us try one out on the paper and see what happens.


[allegorical statement]

The pet idea says, “Christ said a man and a woman when they get married, they shall cleave together and become one flesh.”

That’s a nice idea which many young people subserve in the initial stages of their relations.

It sounds very nice. It’s matey, warm and secure, and it means bacon and egg or whatever you eat in the morning, or corn flakes. Whatever it is, that’s what it means plus a host of other things.


Now, Let’s examine the idea.


[philosophic statement]

The idea is stated by Plato in this way. When you come on earth, you have come split. There was a perfect being prior to your appearance on earth and this being was split at birth and you are half of it. And somewhere your other half exists in the world.

This is what Plato is saying. Somewhere you have a perfect mate.

Now this is every young lad’s hope.

First he wants to believe it.

Second he wants to believe it is born in his century and not another one.

So he has a cherished idea and this idea is cherished by millions.


Now let’s see whether analysis will support it or not.

This might be painful if you believe that it is true.


[allegorical statement]

The statement is made by Christ that “in order to save women you will turn them into men”.

This seems at variance with His statement that “man and woman when they marry shall cleave together, (cleave means take your axe out and cut her up) and become one flesh”.

Superficially it looks as though they get together in a mass.

And it doesn’t mean any such thing because He says that spirit blows where it lists and there is no method of predicting it. And therefore He is not predicting anything about the behaviour of any pair of individuals.


[philosophic statement]

Plato, when he is talking about this separation of the two halves, may or may not have understood it the way love’s young dreamers understood it at seventeen or eighteen years old, later.


[scientific explanation]

When any being whatever comes into existence,

it is a definite amount of force which we will call H,

moving in a specific manner which we will call N, and

involving itself by rotation into an objective state we will call M.

So every being is a mass(M), of moving(N) energy(H).


Now, when we talk about the male and female aspects,

we are talking about the energy(H) and substance(M) aspects of a being.

But EVERY being is energy(H), self-substantiated(N-M), and therefore every being is a hermaphrodite.

This means to say that there are no beings that are merely half-beings, but all beings are whole beings. And if this is so, you haven’t got another half somewhere lurking in the world to find.


Basically, as all beings whatever are made of Spirit, because there is not other than Spirit ultimately, God is All, and the rest is function of His power, as all beings ‘winding in’ take the Spirit of God and substantiate it, all beings, ‘Absolutely’ are identical.


And this means that essentially there is no reason at all why you should relate to A or B or C, essentially, more than to D or E or F.

This means that the ground of relation is not that in the naïve Platonic view, that

‘you are half a being looking for your other half’.

It is a statement that

‘you are a whole being looking for your other half’.

Which means that you have been

‘superstressed on one aspect of your being’ and

it is your duty to find the other aspect, inside yourself’.


So you are a spirit, which is an Intelligent Sentient Power,

And you have substantiated yourself, and

You have stressed yourself either on the H or M,

Either on the Spirit Intelligence or on the Corpus Substantiated Body.


You have done this and you will never rest until you equalise stress.


So if you are a Materialist, you are bound to be dissatisfied until you let go of the superstress on that, and put some of the energy into Spiritual Awareness.

Which means that you don’t need to get married at all.

And it also means that if you do think you do, you are deceived,

And that you will find that you are deceived and over the years become progressively disillusioned, paying for it.


Because the elementary fact is that we are all beings of Spirit,

And the Spirit has substantiated itself,

And all beings are the same ‘essentially’,

And there is no reason why you should relate to A more than B,

And the relating factor in all cases is Free-Will, – not shape of nose, shape of leg, and so on.


The real relating factor is WILL, and charity begins at home.

Your first duty is to marry the Spirit and Substance of your own being.


And when you have done so, you become fit for a relation with other beings outside of you.

But you have no need whatever for the kind of relation that beings believe they have, erroneously, when they are superstressed on either term of this duality.


Now this says quite simply that every person who has ever got married to an external being, is up a gum tree.


And any person with any inertias, thinking that anywhere at all, there is any happiness to be attained in any external being, without first doing something totally different, namely harmonising the poles of one’s own being, is doomed for a dreadful disappointment.


And first things first;

The obvious thing to do is to perfect the relation of the poles of our own being before we enter into relation with another being unless we are prepared to accept the misery of an incomplete and unsatisfactory relation.


To be continued and developed at the monthly Workshop, Sunday 16 February, 2pm-4pm

Understanding the Male/Female balance within the Individual – “fix your own inner relationship first”

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