Human Sexual Polarity – The Tacit Conspiracy

The Tacit Conspiracy is not of ‘ignorance’, but of ‘silence’. ‘Breathing together’ implies a fully conscious relation’.

No male is merely male, no female merely female. Every human being possesses both male and female elements (yes, even scientifically)

Violence in relationships is possible where the male stress and the female stress is either unknown, or unbalanced, or both. Violence between the sexes is a ‘daily news bulletin’ item. Most people know of a friend who has been subjected to abuse. Knowledge is power to overcome.

Beyond the social problem now rife in our community, there is the ‘higher development function’ of The Tacit Conspiracy, the function which leads onwards and upwards to Reflexive Self-consciousness and Self-realisation. This is the aim of every true yogi.

This Sunday’s Workshop will give a sufficient outline of the principles so that those who are able to grasp its significance may begin to orientate themselves to the relational problems of human sexual polarity.

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