Happy Easter

Taking you on a spring journey through Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece, “Rick Steves’ European Easter” celebrates this 2,000-year-old story in a variety of cultures.

The technique of Yoga in the West is the technique of the development of an individual centre of free-will, the individuated human being, and by implication the relation between the individual and the individual’s infinite source, God.

Here at Easter time, we are given an opportunity to understand something of the technique of Yoga in the West. In the East, and here we are not merely implying geographically, the yoga technique of development implies looking to the west. In the West however, the technique implies looking to the East, and in this context the sense that the sun, the source of light(symbolically, consciousness) and life(power) on Earth, rises and has its origin daily in the east. Psychologically, we may say that the source of intelligence, light and life, rises and develops from the East, and establishes itself, sets, in the West. Here is a mystery.

A few people nowadays are interested in the origins of individual development, in contrast to mass culture development. The celebration of Easter is a Christian festival, but its origins do not lie merely within the organisation of a church or group, rather as an enquiry by certain human beings to the source and origin of their existence. Some individuals are interested in their origin psychologically and spiritually, rather than only ancestrally and genetically.

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