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Deeper Teachings for the Yoga and Meditation Enthusiast – Towards the Whole Being

Very often with proper Yoga discipline, deep relaxation of the body and appropriate Meditation, a certain expansion of awareness and consciousness begins to grow. New feelings, thoughts, actions and relationships begin to appear. Many people, surprisingly perhaps, don’t know what to do with this expansion but for those who would like some guidance Malcolm is happy to share his experience. For those who do not feel the need for any interpretation to understand or manage these new states then nothing is required. You just take the classes and enjoy the disciplines and atmosphere in your own time and way.

In this studio there is no requirement or even a suggestion to study, worship or follow any guru or teacher or to undertake any kind of study which may involve religious, philosophic or traditional inclinations. However for those who do want to study, Malcolm recommends the teachings of Eugene Halliday.

Eugene Halliday’s teachings offer a profound interpretation of traditions, authors and sources all over the world. His hermeneutic is a supreme coherence of every aspect of human development from the ancient cultures of Japan, China, India, Persia and the Middle East, through Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the very ancient cultures of Europe and following the zeitgeist in Europe up to the present day. His teachings show an unbreakable plane of integration through and connecting modern science, philosophy, religion, yoga, psychology, mythology, and the many classical and modern art forms(theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, music and dance) to an amazing degree. Eugene presents the teachings of Yoga and mysticism with remarkable insight, explains the origin of the Yogi’s striving out of the tribe to become a true individual in relation to and with his divine source, both within and without, man as microcosm of the macrocosm.

Eugene Halliday is a true universal teacher. He was an inspiration to Malcolm in his formative years, and remains so today. At the time of meeting, Malcolm was interested in how the mind works, how it influences the physical body, and how each connects to spirit. Over a period of meditation, study and increasing insight in all of the great religions and many philosophies and mythologies it became evident that Eugene Halliday had not missed including everyone under a vast integrative process. From the laws governing the dark depths of interstellar space through a long and sustained development up to our present day; from the greatest complexity of human development and sophistication, and equally problems, to the simplest subatomic field forces, and beyond into the Absolute transcendence Sentient Power Source as He interprets it; from the infinite to the finite and back to the infinite. These are the concerns of the true Yogi and Eugene Halliday covers the subject ably. As an instance, the gaining of Samyama – Concentration, Meditation, Samadhic Contemplation(Patanjali Pt.III) – enables the Yogi insight into the workings of every physical and metaphysic process and problem. Eugene Halliday clearly applies Samyama in the most precise way and His works show the unmistakable evidence.

Malcolm is aware that not everyone is interested in these deeper relationships, and indeed many individuals have other interests and concerns to pursue. However for those seeking an explanation or interpretation for the experiences derived from the disciplines of Yoga and Meditation, the studio offers a significant contribution from one of the 20th Century’s most important, valuable and ironically most little known sages, Eugene Halliday.

Weekly Workshops, Weekend and Day Retreats, Daily Meditation sessions on literally hundreds of topics, and on-the-spot personal responses to individuals, pointers if you like, is a hallmark of practising at this studio, much of which derives from Eugene Halliday’s work.

Eugene Halliday spoke and wrote of every important aspect of Indian Yoga and Meditation, and integrated this with all of the great religious, philosophic and artistic traditions of the world. He was and is a true master of the art of Yoga, and it is for those who wish to delve into the deeper teachings, that such a guide, a true teacher, is of tremendous value. Many of His simplest and best Yoga teachings are veiled in written titles under which an unsuspecting visitor may not bother to look. Those individuals ‘well-read’ will discover the true meaning of ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

Below in outline are a small sample of the diverse yet precise teachings of Yoga and Meditation along with teachings which have evolved out of the ancient texts and oral transference. We all do well who read, study and inwardly digest the knowledge of those who broke the spell of ignorance and disregard. Finding our own way is part of the journey, but knowing where to look and go is of fundamental importance.

Towards the Whole Being, the Advaita(non-dual) teachings for the 21st Century by Eugene Halliday. These teachings are an update and extension to the recent 2600 years of Man’s artistic, religious and philosophic strivings and development. Eugene Halliday’s clarification of a dynamic Samadhic Contemplation in the essay Reflexive Self-consciousness is key to the deepest understanding of Yoga and Meditation discipline.

Some Introductory and Traditional Teachings in outline. – more below

Yoga related Meditational Essays excerpted from the Teachings of Eugene Halliday –


Further Introductory and Traditional Teachings in outline.

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