Consciousness as Function of Definition


Fields of Yoga A4

If you hadn’t got a body to dwell in, to dwell within, you would not be conscious.

The ‘sci’ in conscious, the ‘ski’ part, means to cut, and that cut depends upon the periphery of your body. Your skin surface separates you from the infinite beyond. And the ‘you’ on the inside of the skin is observing the ‘you’ on the outside of the skin.


Outside my skin there are some other beings with skin, and inside those beings with skin, there is consciousness.


Now, this consciousness inside each one of the bodies in this room is ‘in essence’ not different from the consciousness in any other body. It isn’t even different from the consciousness, essentially, of an animal, a plant, or a stone. ‘Consciousness itself’ depends upon a ‘containing periphery’, an ‘integument’, which allows a discrimination between inside and outside. And the periphery is the line of demarcation between the beyond and the contained consciousness.


There is as much consciousness outside your skin as an individual, as there is inside it. If you can understand, that because you are conscious of yourself, with your own being, and that your consciousness depends upon the fact that your body is a ‘system of resistances’ through which energy flows.

And that because of ‘the resistance experience’, you are conscious.

But if you hadn’t got this body of resistances, you could not be conscious.


Try to realise that first.

And then recognise that every living being that has a body has a system of resistances.

Which means that the universal energy that flows through all bodies, including the mineral world, as well as a plant, animal, and man; that ‘energy’ becomes ‘conscious’ in ‘passing through resistances’.


Think about that very carefully, because it means that:

there is a consciousness in an atom

there is a consciousness in the molecule

there is a consciousness in a diamond

there is a consciousness in a plant

consciousness in the animal

in the human and

in anything beyond that, which has a field, which is demarked, with a periphery which allows ‘resistance to be experienced’.

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